Our Expertise

Crisis Communications

When your business and legacy are in crisis, the feeling of hopelessness can be paralyzing. You’re taking fire from all sides, and reporters are chomping at the bit for the next devastating story. You need strategic crisis management –candid, constructive advice – and there’s no time to spare.

In a crisis situation, S+C puts you back in control. Our team provides genuine, straightforward advice when clients need it most. We’ll get you back on message, and work with our local and national media contacts to refocus the story.

Our approach:

• An immediate, well-planned response to all appropriate audiences
• Ethical, sincere advice to alleviate every negative angle
• Accurate, confident messaging communicated with supreme consistency

“I haven’t seen talent like this for a very long time.” – Penny Pfaelzer, Korean Air U.S. public relations

Public Relations

Public relations is about increasing awareness and crafting a bold message. It’s about energizing your story, strengthening your brand and enhancing your image.

Successful public relations is built on strong relationships with the right reporters and our team gets results. We work with a network of journalists, business leaders, legislators, policy makers and news breakers to help our clients enhance their reputation. We’ll travel down whatever avenue to tell our clients’ story the right way to the right audiences.

“With the help of Scutari and Cieslak, Specialty Textile Services has been able to tell our story and project our message. We’ve seen those efforts translate to a direct, positive impact on our bottom line. They showed us how PR can be a highly effective tool to grow our business.”
– Ted Miotke, CEO/Owner, Specialty Textile Services

Media Training

Being able to calmly and professionally deliver a crisp, coherent message in a media interview is a highly valued skill. The S+C team can help you achieve it.

We’ll show you how to maximize your messages in a range of interview formats, from radio to TV and print, while giving you the techniques to dodge curveballs from journalists. You need the confidence to take and maintain control while delivering your message. We’ll give you honest feedback and the tools you need to thrive in the spotlight.

Our media training curriculum includes a media training handbook custom tailored to your needs, on-camera mock interviews with instant playback and critique, and a handy Media Training Tip Card that can stay in your wallet.

S+C Communications has been a tremendous partner to the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. The expertise Chip and Dave bring to the table, in a wide array of mission critical areas, including media relations, new member development and public affairs has been a true asset to my organization.”
– Todd Sanders, President & CEO Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

Digital + Social

Your organization is not one-dimensional. It deserves a strategic digital and social media program that is equally dynamic. Our digital approach leverages all of the campaign, communications and marketing activity with a social media presence that runs in sync with the branding efforts. Social and digital media present an opportunity to control the message in myriad ways and on multiple platforms. It also allows for two-way communication, building for the customer and client, while strengthening the brand.

We’ll implement a phased social media strategy:
• Position the brand as an industry and community thought leader: Share trends and news
• Build a community around the brand: Interact with customers and their networks
• Attract business leads to advance the brand: Social drives organic search
• Measure results: Use metrics & decide how to adapt and move forward

By leveraging a multitude of social media platforms, we’ll craft content and messaging that speaks to different communities, types of clients and covers a wide range of demographics. Each platform presents a different opportunity and window to a variety of customers and communities. We’ll drive traffic and engage in key conversations with strategic hashtags and by building a strong voice and brand presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.